UN fails to condemn Hamas attacks on Israel

Kuwait blocks UN Security Council resolution condemning terrorists for indiscriminate mortar and rocket fire on Israel.

AFP and Arutz Sheva Staff,

United Nations Headquarters
United Nations Headquarters

Kuwait on Wednesday blocked a US-drafted UN Security Council statement that would have strongly
condemned the firing of rockets and mortar shells by terrorists in the Gaza Strip on Israel that triggered the worst military flareup since a 2014 war.

The United States had circulated the draft text ahead of an emergency council meeting, to be held later Wednesday at Washington's request, on the rocket and mortar attacks by Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Kuwait, a non-permanent council member that represents Arab countries, said that it was blocking the statement to allow for consideration of a draft resolution it has put forward on the protection of Gazan civilians.

In an email to the US mission seen by AFP, Kuwait said: "We cannot agree to the text put forth by your delegation especially as we are considering a draft resolution that deals with the protection of civilians in the occupied Palestinian territories and the Gaza Strip."

Kuwait earlier this month blocked another US-proposed statement that criticized Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas' remarks about Jews and the Holocaust as "unacceptable."

Two other draft statements expressing concern about the violence in Gaza were previously blocked by the United States, laying bare the sharp divisions on the Security Council over the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Security Council statements are adopted by consensus by all 15 members.

In response to the mortar and rocket firings, Israel said it pounded some 65 militant targets in the Gaza Strip.
The exchange of fire on Tuesday and into the early hours of Wednesday had
raised the possibility of yet another war in the beleaguered Palestinian
enclave run by Islamist movement Hamas, which would be the fourth since 2008.
The council is expected to vote this week on the Kuwait-drafted proposal
calling for "the consideration of measures to guarantee the safety and
protection of the Palestinian civilian population" in the Palestinian
territories and the Gaza Strip, according to the draft obtained by AFP.
Diplomats however expect the United States to resort to its veto power to
block that measure.