Lawsuit targets haredi apartment policies in London

Non-Jewish families sue to be able to buy discounted apartment in haredi neighborhood in London. 'They can buy apartments 2 streets over.'

Gary Willig,


A lawsuit was filed against Jewish Housing Association in London's Stamford Hill neighborhood over the fact that the association, in cooperation with the municipality, does not allow non-Jews to purchase discounted apartments in haredi neighborhoods.

The High Court in London will discuss the lawsuit filed by two non-Jewish families against the Jewish Housing Association under Agudath Israel in London in the coming months.

The plaintiffs claim they can not get cheap apartments on the street they want, since they are not Jewish.

The Jewish Housing Association said in response to the lawsuit that it would fight for the continuation of the policy of providing discounted apartments to haredim.

"The plaintiffs do the same to us. The housing association works with the municipality. They get discounted apartments for the local haredi community. There are not enough discounted apartments, so take care first of those who really need the apartment, and the haredi Jews come first because the non-Jews can buy discounted apartments just two streets away from the haredi street," the association told Behadrei Haredim.

"There is no reason why the non-Jews should push themselves into a crowded street of haredi Jews. What do they have to look for here? We do not buy apartments in their neighborhoods, and they do not have to push themselves. If they could not buy at all, then of course we would not stop them. But they can buy, just two blocks away. They just want to bother us."

Ita Simmons, who founded the Housing Association in 1981, told the Jewish Chronicle website that "they are trying to change the purpose for which the organization was founded. Why do non-Jews want to live on a street full of Hasidim?" a question.

"People here are waiting years for a discounted apartment, The non-Jews can buy two blocks away. Their complaints make no sense," added Simmons.

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