Kite with firebomb on the Gaza border

10,000 Palestinian Arabs violently riot along Gaza fence, try to breach the security infrastructure.

Elad Benari, Canada,

Explosive device detonated on the Palestinian side
Explosive device detonated on the Palestinian side
IDF Spokesperson's Unit

10,000 Palestinian Arabs violently rioted in five locations along the border fence with Gaza on Friday. The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit reported several attempts to harm or breach the security infrastructure.

In one incident, an explosive device was placed and detonated near the Karni Crossing in northern Gaza and a firebomb attached to a kite was dispatched. Meanwhile, explosive devices, rocks and firebombs were hurled by the rioters.

“The IDF cautions against being present in areas where the violent riots are taking place, as they are being used as camouflage for terror acts,” said the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit.

Health officials in Gaza claimed three demonstrators were shot and wounded during Friday’s riots.

33 Gazans, including 14 people identified by Israeli security officials as terrorists, have been killed since the riots began on March 30.

Organizers in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip have called on Gazans to continue to march en masse to the frontier with Israel and cross over into Israeli territory.

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