Israeli-Arab Activity

First Publish: 5/30/2002, 6:37 PM

The Supreme Israeli-Arab Tracking Committee will convene tomorrow in the Galilee village of Yafia. The special meeting will focus on the Knesset decision to restrict the movements of MK Ahmed Tibi. \"The removal of Tibi\'s immunity is a step towards apartheid,\" according to a Committee announcement, \"and is a blow at the entire Arab public.\" The decision does not represent a removal of Tibi\'s immunity, but only a ban on his entry to closed military areas.

In a related item, four policemen were injured early this morning by an angry Bedouin mob in the village of Beit Zarzir. The police, from the Migdal HaEmek station, had arrived to arrest three fugitives. They were treated in HaEmek Hospital in Afula and released shortly afterwards.