'Trump burst the Palestinians' bubble'

Middle East expert Dr. Mordechai Kedar tells Arutz Sheva: The Palestinians have lost all direction. They have no agenda.

Eliran Aharon ,

Dr. Mordechai Kedar
Dr. Mordechai Kedar
Eliran Aharon

President Donald Trump “burst the Palestinian Arabs' bubble”, Middle East expert and regular Arutz Sheva contributor Dr. Mordechai Kedar said on Thursday.

“The Palestinians are very disappointed because they built an entire building by claiming they will get a Palestinian state. Who will give them such a thing? Nobody. They dream about the 'return' of the 'Palestinian refugees' not to 'Palestine' but to the same villages in which they lived in Tel Aviv, in Netanya. These are all dreams, and now Trump came and took out the Jerusalem card from the building, as well as the issue of the refugees which they kept alive for 70 years, and now the whole thing is shattered to pieces,” said Kedar.

“They've lost all direction, they have no idea what to do now, because they have no agenda. Everything in which they believed turned out to be nothing.”

“This frustration,” he opined, “will bring about the end of the Palestinian Authority.”

Asked if the current situation could cause Palestinian Arabs to carry out more terrorist attacks, Kedar said, “Terrorists never need more reasons [to carry out attacks]. The mere fact that we Jews have a state made us a target. They don't really need Trump to encourage them to wage terror against us. We suffered from terror during the 1990s and during the 2000s without Trump. Trump is only a fig leaf to cover the real motivation to wipe us all out from this country.”

“I support the move of not only the American embassy but of all embassies to Jerusalem because this will contribute to peace. When our neighbors – Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims – understand that they've lost the fight against us, this is when peace will come,” added Kedar.