Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders discuss the Holocaust

What happens when a rabbi, an imam, and an archbishop meet at a Holocaust Remembrance Day conference?

Yoni Kempinski, Brussels,

Rabbi Bleich, Archbishop Zoria, and Imam Hassan at the conference
Rabbi Bleich, Archbishop Zoria, and Imam Hassan at the conference
Yoni Kempinski

A rabbi, an archbishop, and an imam met on Wednesday at the annual International Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony at the European Parliament.

The ceremony was organized in cooperation with the European Jewish Congress.

Chief Rabbi of Ukraine and member of the Conference of European Rabbis Rabbi Yaakov Bleich spoke with Archbishop of Chernihiv Yevstraty Zoria and President of Conference of Imams of France Chalgoumi Hassan about strengthening the message of cooperation and fighting extremists.

"The first message is that Europe is taking the lesson from the Holocaust from all of the years what happened. This is the first message," Rabbi Bleich said. "The most important message I think for everything is to keep our eyes open. And by commemorating every year what happened, it's a reminder to the society and to Europe in general that what happened in the past can always be repeated."

"The issues of xenophobia, anti-Semitism, racial tensions, that are happening in Europe today are very important... People should learn the messages of the past and...make sure that these things never happen again. That's the message, the most important message."

"We, with theChief Rabbi of Ukraine, are members of Ukrainian council, of churches and religious organizations in Ukraine," Archbishop Zoria said. "We [have] cooperate[d for] more than 20 years, and we have good fruits of our cooperation."

"We are [a] leading example of not just coexistence, but of fruitful cooperation...between different religions, different nations.

"We hope that Europe learns our lessons and brings these lessons to the future."