Preparations underway for Israel's 70th Independence Day

Culture and Sport Ministry details 70 hours of celebrations planned for Israel's 70th birthday, as well as logo chosen for the occasion.

Yoni Kempinski,

The logo for Israel's 70th birthday
The logo for Israel's 70th birthday

In an official ceremony marking seventy years since Israel's establishment and the 1948 War of Independence, Culture and Sport Minister Miri Regev (Likud) presented the idea of holding "70 hours of Israeli celebrations."

Participating in the event were Culture and Sport Ministry Director General Yossi Sharabi, Hasbara Manager Moshik Aviv, members of the "70 Years Events Committee," and representatives of the event planning company "Target Market," which was chosen to organize the events.

At a press conference, reporters were shown the logo which will be used during the events. In the center of the logo is a Star of David, integrated into the number 70. A line leaving the number pixelizes as it drifts off, symbolizing innovation and advancement. The word "Israel" is written in the script used in Torah scrolls, signifying the unbreakable connection between modern Israel and the Biblical Israel.

Another initiative, "A tradition of innovation," was also revealed during the conference.

"More than any other society in the world, Israeli society integrates old and new, religion and modernity, the spiritual and the physical," Regev said. "Maybe this is the secret of its strength, of our strength. Israeli society has strong national, historical, and traditional characteristics, which allow it to retain its identity and unification, as well as, of course, its physical security."

"As such, Israeli society is creative, forward-thinking, thinks out of the box, and creates revolutions in the fields of research, medicine, and agriculture, offering crucial contributions to all of humanity.

"This unique contribution to the world is what the Israeli government is emphasizing this year, in the initiative entitled 'A tradition of innovation.'"

These values are expressed in the logo, torch-lighting ceremony, and several events throughout the year. The celebrations marking 70 years since Israel's founding will begin with the torch-lighting ceremony, continue until the beginning of Shabbat (the Sabbath), resume after Shabbat, and will include:

Israel and the world sing together - After the annual torch-lighting ceremony, there will be a countdown and the entire State of Israel and Jews all over the world will sing one song together. During the last chorus of the song, there will be a fireworks show, one of the largest ever seen in Israel.

70 kilometers party - A series of beach parties which will be held from Tiberias in the north to Eilat in the south.

The march of light - On Thursday evening, there will be a "march of light" including illuminated elements and characters, expressing Israel's success and innovation. It will be Israel's first-ever light march open to the public.

A soundtrack event for Israeli society - A musical event that will wrap up the celebrations, and will provide a platform for Israel's greatest artists - both those who are living and those who are not. As part of the event, exciting collaborations will be made on stage.

"All of Israel's citizens will take part in the celebrations: Haredi, religious, and secular, Jews and Arabs, eastern and western, from the center of the country and from the periphery. These will be 70 hours of Israeli celebrations which join all of us together," Regev said.

"These events will appeal to both the young and the old, the entire family and Jews around the world. We are going to organize these events, and they will be full of energy, emotion, and happiness, and provide a positive experience for Israeli society."

"It will be very happy, honorable, and exciting - just as it should be, for the country we love, for Israel. The State of Israel is celebrating seventy years since its founding."