Islamic Jihad fires Iranian mortar from Gaza

IDF estimates Islamic Jihad responsible for mortar fire during birthday ceremony in honor of IDF KIA; projectiles found to be Iranian issue.

Mordechai Sones,

Gaza mortar fire
Gaza mortar fire
Flash 90

The IDF completed an investigation into last Friday's shooting from the Gaza Strip towards the northern Gaza perimeter.

According to the investigation, the mortar shells were standard Iranian weapons similar to those fired on November 30 by the Islamic Jihad at an IDF post in the northern Gaza Strip.

The timing of the firing - at a ceremony commemorating the birthday of IDF KIA Oron Shaul - led the defense establishment to estimate with high probability that this time too, it was fired by Islamic Jihad, the second largest terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip, supported and funded by Iran.

In the barrage last Friday, three standard mortar shells were fired, two of which were intercepted by the Iron Dome system, while a third landed in an inhabited area causing damage to a building, but no casualties.

The siren and the rocket fire interrupted an event in which the Shaul family marked the 24th birthday of their son Oron hy"d, a Golani fighter killed during the APC disaster in Operation Protective Edge, and his body is being held by Hamas in Gaza. In response to the shooting, the IDF attacked two Hamas positions in the northern Gaza Strip with tanks and aircraft.