Reserve soldiers fuming over August summons

'I have no problem doing reserve duty- but why does it have to be in August, when I need to keep my kids busy?'

Tzvi Lev,

Israelis reporting for reserve duty
Israelis reporting for reserve duty
Flash 90

A decision by the IDF to summon thousands of reserve soldiers for the entire month of August has left reserve soldiers fuming, Israel Hayom reports.

The IDF will soon switch to the '17-17' model, meaning that regular-service IDF troops are deployed and train in 17-week cycles. The expanded training means that the IDF needs to summon considerably more reserve soldiers to deploy on Israel's borders to compensate for the longer time frames during which regular-service soldiers are absent from operational activity.

However, the IDF decided to summon the majority of it's reserve soldiers in the month of August, when Israelis often struggle to entertain their children, all of whom are out of school. The decision has left reserve soldiers fuming, complaining that the IDF is insensitive to their private lives.

"This is a lack of consideration by the army, a lack of understanding on the part that reserve soldiers play in the IDF," a reserve officer told Yisrael Hayom.

Another officer, a deputy company commander who was called up for reserve duty in August, said that "August is the most critical month for us. I am 31, my wife works, we do not live next to grandmothers who can take care of our children and the time from August to early September is a critical time for our children. We cannot do reserve duty at this time- I hope that our soldiers do not refuse to report."

A senior officer admitted that the IDF erred in summoning reserve soldiers in August and said that he hoped the IDF would do something about it. "The army needs to understand that operational call-ups in August are less convenient for reservists, and although we usually try to take into account reserve soldiers' requests, we don't have any flexibility, since every soldier wants to be home for the entire month of August," he said.

The IDF said in respose that, while the IDF tries to assist its reserve troops, the crucial training could not be pushed off. "The IDF trains all the time, including this summer, but we try to make special arrangements for the reservists so that they will be in reserve duty for a minimal period," the IDF Spokespersons Unit said.

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