Liz Wheeler on Jerusalem:
Left's reaction to Trump announcement 'absolutely ridiculous'

'Media and constant fear-mongers on Left scream how Trump risks violence by moving embassy. Shame on them for not saying what's accurate.'

Mordechai Sones,

President Trump visiting Kotel
President Trump visiting Kotel
Flash 90

One America News Network's Liz Wheeler on The Tipping Point hosted former IDF soldier and former NYPD officer Micha Danzig to speak about US President Donald Trump's decision to have the USA officially recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Regarding the move, Wheeler introduces her segment, "In response to this announcement, Liberals, Muslims, and even some Republicans are already blaming Trump for the so-called 'inevitable' violence that will follow.

"The reaction from the Left to Trump's announcement is absolutely ridiculous," Wheeler staunchly states. "Trump did not declare Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel; Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, whether or not the US government recognizes that, or has our embassy there. What Trump did, recognizing the capital; that was the right thing to do. It was already written into US law, requiring our embassy to be in Jerusalem. Yet two US presidents, George W. Bush and then Barack Obama, signed waivers every six months delaying the implementation of that statute and thus preventing the embassy from being moved. President Trump is actually following through on his campaign promise."

"Second of all," Wheeler continues, "the mainstream media and the constant fear-mongers on the Left are screaming how Trump is risking violence and terrorism by moving our embassy to Jerusalem. That is purposely biased headlining, and shame on the mainstream media for blaming Trump instead of saying what's accurate. What's accurate? Is that radical Islamist terrorists and anti-Semitic Muslim nations in the Middle East are threatening violence; they're threatening terror, and President Trump is not allowing evil to dictate his moves or stop him from doing the right thing. Kudos to President Trump."

Wheeler questions her guest Danzig regarding the meaning of this recognition, the excuses and reasons proffered by others for the USA to continue to delay recognition. Danzig also responds in the segment to questions regarding Hamas's latest call for a "Day of Rage," as well as commenting on the real impediment to peace, saying "it is not the City of David being the capital city of the world's only Jewish state".

"There was a Democratic President, Harry Truman, who was told by his CIA that if Israel declares its independence in 1948, the Arab world would attack Israel and there would be a terrible war. They claimed Israel should delay declaring its independence, and that the United States should put pressure on David Ben Gurion, Israel's first Prime Minister, to delay. And Harry Truman said 'No; it's the right thing to recognize the State of Israel when it declares independence, and we're not going to tell or try to pressure David Ben Gurion not to declare the Jewish people's and the Jewish State's independence in 1948. And they did so, and yes, there was violence, but at the end of the day that violence did not benefit the Arabs, in fact it hurt them."

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