Order 48: Recruiting for Sovereignty in Judea and Samaria

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Time for sovereignty
Time for sovereignty
Gershon Elinson, Women in Green

Developing the first National Master Plan for Israel that includes Judea and Samaria; hosting conferences to raise awareness among decision makers, and publishing and distributing the Sovereignty Journal, are three of the immediate objectives of the Sovereignty Movement.

Next week the Movement, founded by Women in Green, will be launching a “Call for Urgent 48-hour Mobilization,” a critical fundraising campaign for the movement’s expanded activity.

The goal is to build on their growing momentum in the public sphere so that Israeli sovereignty in Judea and Samaria as a practical political plan moves from the realm of theoretical vision to a concrete process.

Among the steps that the Sovereignty Movement is taking is the engineering of the game-changing TAMA 100 Plan, a National Master Plan already in its early stages of development. This is the first National Master Plan that recognizes Judea and Samaria as an integral part of the State of Israel and capitalizes on the areas’ inherent potential as centers of development and prosperity for the entire country.

In addition, the architects of TAMA 100 see Jerusalem as the geographical, spiritual and practical heart of the State of Israel. Consequently, as the demographic center of gravity shifts from the coastal plain to the mountain range, the status of Greater Jerusalem's environs will be more significant as well.

The Sovereignty Movement notes that apart from the TAMA 100 project, funds raised will be designated for the expansion of public awareness and engagement efforts throughout the country for the promotion of Sovereignty. This process includes holding eight Sovereignty Conferences around the country in 2018; fortifying and supporting those who promote the vision of Sovereignty in the Knesset and in other policymaking settings; and expanding the Sovereignty Youth Movement.

In an effort to maximize impact, a group of donors has committed itself to matching the amount that will be donated during the 48-hour fundraising period, starting this coming Sunday, December 10th. The goal is to raise $120,000, which will then be doubled if the campaign succeeds. The heads of the Sovereignty Movement note that if the operation does not succeed in reaching the goal that was set, all donations will be returned.

The fundraising initiative will take place, as mentioned, this coming Sunday and Monday, the 10th and 11th of December. It will be launched with a morning of energizing and enlightening lectures on the subject of Sovereignty, to be held at the Oz veGaon Nature Reserve in Gush Etzion. The event will be attended by supporters and activists from throughout Israel. Honored public figures will speak, including head of Derech Emunah Rav Baruch Efrati; journalist, commentator and author Caroline Glick; economist Eran Bar Tal; and former Israeli Ambassador to the United States Yoram Ettinger.

“It is crucial right now to continue the momentum of the Sovereignty vision and translate it into practical steps,” says Yehudit Katsover, who leads Women in Green with co-chair Nadia Matar. “We continue to hear of potentially disastrous political plans from countries all over the world and even from within Israel. We have paid heavy prices for dividing our Land. But Israeli and international memories are short and these sorts of plans calling for the establishment of a terror state in our midst are being heard again . Our job is to mobilize and provide a tailwind to those leaders and decision makers who have already internalized the importance of the application of Israeli sovereignty as a return to basic Zionist and Jewish values, and to cut off the hope for a terror state in Israel’s heartland. It is a plan that is ideal from multiple vantage points: from an ethical, historical, and even an economic perspective, as it is a step toward the reduction of housing costs.”

According to co-chair and leader Matar, “Government and Knesset support of Sovereignty is continually increasing, but the leadership is waiting to hear the voice of the people. They need to understand that this vision faithfully reflects the desires of their constituents in order to confidently move forward with the implementation of real, practical steps. We are charged with the objective to bring the word of the people to the Israeli political-diplomatic discourse. We are doing it, and with G-d’s help, we’ll make an even greater impact after this upcoming fundraising campaign.”