Polish hostel: Entry forbidden to Jews and thieves

Polish hostel forbids entry to Jews, communists, thieves, mayor says hostel is 'private property' and refrains from intervening.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Definition of anti-Semitism
Definition of anti-Semitism

A polish hostel hung a banner denying entry to "Jews, Commies, and all thieves and traitors of Poland."

The banner was hung outside a hostel in Cesarzowice, Polish media reported Thursday. According to reports by neighbors, the sign has been hanging outside the property for several months.

Meanwhile, the town's mayor claimed she did not intervene because the hostel is "private property." From her response, it seems anti-Semitism is not illegal in Poland.

Cesarzowice is a small town just outside Wroclaw, a major city.

In November 2015, National Radical Camp leader Piotr Rybak burned an effigy of a Jew at an anti-immigrant demonstration in one of Wroclaw’s main squares.

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