Girl injured in 2011 bombing passes away

Hodaya Asulin never regained consiousness after being hit in a terror attack seven years ago. She died today.

Mordechai Sones,

Hodaya Asulin hy"d
Hodaya Asulin hy"d
published with permission of the family

Hodaya (Odelia) Nechama Asulin from Mevo Horon, critically wounded seven years ago in a terrorist attack near a bus stop near Binyanei Ha'uma on Sderot's Shazar Boulevard, passed away.

Her funeral will take place today (Wednesday) at Mevo Horon at 13:30.

In 2011, a Muslim named Hussein Ali Hassan al-Qawasmi left a bomb at a bus stop in Binyanei Hauma adjacent to the kiosk. A tourist was killed and 68 civilians were wounded, including Asulin, who was 14. The murderer was sentenced to life imprisonment and another 60 years in prison.

Asulin, who never regained consciousness, was constantly under close medical and family supervision. Two weeks ago, her condition worsened and in the morning she died at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem.

A spokesman for the village, Mevo Horon, said that "the community mourns the premature death of Hodaya Nechama and supports the family."



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