Yigal Amir's wife: Over 18 conclusive proofs

Wife of confessed Rabin murderer quotes letter of group currently formulating retrial request in Switzerland.

Mordechai Sones,

 Larissa Amir-Trimbobler
Larissa Amir-Trimbobler
Flash 90

Fourteen hours after publishing her first public announcement about the initiative to seek a retrial for her husband, Larissa Amir-Trimbobler continues to address the issue.

Her published post purports to quote a letter from a man representing a group in Geneva who is formulating the request. Amir-Trimbobler argues that there are 18 conclusive proofs that Rabin was not murdered by bullets fired by Amir.

"Dear Madam, I am happy to inform you that we have more than 18 conclusive proofs that the bullets fired by Yigal Amir at Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin on November 4, 1995 were not the ones that caused his death, we will give them to the press and the international media (with the exception of Israel), as well as to the lawyers who are engaged in a retrial that we are preparing together with Yigal Amir," reads the letter's opening.

"Can you ask the youth of your beautiful country and the rest of its citizens (except all politicians, media people, journalists, and television people!) to cooperate in research and to expose the truth ... ... Anyone who has more evidence, please send us, even anonymously ... (In Geneva, anonymity is guaranteed!)

"Evidence is only acceptable in the following areas:
1. Physical evidence;
2. Scientific findings;
3. Ballistics;
4. Medical field;
5. Procedural errors;
6. Legal Errors;
7. Testimonies;
8. False testimony;
9. Pictures; and
10. Videos.

"I am convinced that Israel should be an example to the world, and since truth is one of the foundations of its existence, it is important that future youth and generations in Israel learn in schools about the significance and importance of truth. I wish you an excellent week! ", the letter was signed with the name of the author, "Michael", and with an email address attached.