'Attacker yelled 'Palestine; and I raised my weapon'

Firefighter who caught Arab attempting to break into Jewish town to commit stabbing attack recounts harrowing encounter.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

the large knives found in terrorist's bag
the large knives found in terrorist's bag
police spokesperson

Firefighter Gal Motti, a resident of Kochav Yaakov in Samaria, prevented a potentially deadly terrorist attack Thursday morning when he was returning home from his shift at the fire station in Ofra.

Motti noticed a suspicious man walking near the entrance to Kochav Yaakov and called the police. The police managed to locate and arrest the suspect, preventing a planned attack.

A search of the suspect's body revealed a bag containing both knives and a Quran. When questioned, the suspect said he had planned to give the bag to another PA Arab, to allow him to carry out a terror attack.

In an interview with Channel 10 News, Motti explained how he became aware that the potential attacker was acting suspiciously. " First of all, there are not too many people at the junction," he said.

"He moved suspiciously, so the first thing I did was just go to him with the car, and I said, 'What are you doing here?' He started to tell me all kinds of things and shout 'Palestine,' and here I was suspicious. So I got out of my car, approached him, and called the police. When he started to feel the pressure he ran away.

The Arab refused to drop the bag he was carrying, and Motti pulled out his gun and pointed it at him. I put my gun up and at that point he got a little nervous. He threw the bag aside. Then another civilian came who saw me holding my gun."

"He checked inside the bag, and saw that there were two large, brand-new knives. I pushed the Palestinian towards the fence and lay him down with the civilian who was with me. That was when we realized that he was going to commit a stabbing attack.

Asked if he was not afraid to neutralize a potential terrorist himself, Motti replied, "I was working on automatic. It was a crowded place - a large bus stop with a gas station and shops. I didn't ask myself whether or not to confront him alone."

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