85% of those who voted for Trump would do so again

New Reuters/Ipsos poll finds Trump is more popular with likely voters than he is with the general public.

Ben Ariel,

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Some 85 percent of those who voted for U.S. President Donald Trump in the 2016 election would do so again, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released Wednesday.

The poll found that Trump is more popular with likely voters than he is with the general public.

In October, 44 percent of 2016 voters said they approved of Trump’s performance in office, compared with 37 percent of the general population, according to Reuters.

Among Republicans, 82 percent of voters approved of Trump in October, compared with 75 percent of all Republicans.

The findings suggest that Republican candidates in the 2018 congressional elections who shun the president risk alienating his followers, Republican strategists and political scientists said. At the same time, those who embrace him in the early primary races that choose party candidates risk losing moderate voters in the general election.

Reuters/Ipsos was able to compare the opinions of voters with the general public by creating two separate surveys: a poll of voters and a poll of the public.

For the voter poll, Reuters/Ipsos reconnected with people who took its exit poll on November 8, 2016, the day of the U.S. presidential election. Those voters were sent additional questionnaires in May, July and October that asked if they approved or disapproved of the president.

Their responses were then compared with the results of a separate survey – the Reuters/Ipsos national tracking poll – that surveys all adults in the United States.

In May and July, the results of both polls were nearly identical, with about 40 percent of voters and the general adult population expressing approval for the president.

The two polls diverged in October, however, with voters expressing stronger levels of approval than the general public, noted Reuters.