PA: Education in Jerusalem is a top priority

'Education' official says PA will continue to thwart attempts to 'Israelize' educational sector.

Dalit Halevy,

Arab school in eastern Jerusalem
Arab school in eastern Jerusalem

Sabri Saidam, the PA official in charge of “education,” said on Saturday that protecting the educational curricula in Jerusalem would remain a top priority for the PA.

At an event at a school in the neighborhood of Beit Hanina in eastern Jerusalem marking “World Environment Day,” Saidam said that the PA would continue to act to thwart Israeli attempts to “Israelize” the Arab educational system.

Senior PA officials have instructed principals, teachers and students in eastern Jerusalem schools not to use the curricula prepared by the Israeli Ministry of Education.

Saidam, who reviewed projects prepared by the students, said that he was satisfied with the achievements in the field of education that will affect the future of “Palestine” and Jerusalem, achievements that refute the Israeli narrative of the “occupation,” according to which, he mendaciously claims, "a [good] Palestinian is a dead Palestinian."

Studies by the Israel Resource News Agency have, in contrast, shown extreme incitement against Israel in PA textbooks.

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