'Anyone who tries to hurt us-will be hurt in return'

PM warns attacks on Israelis or Israeli craft will result in further retaliation after IAF planes destroy Syrian anti-aircraft battery.

Gary Willig,

צילום: מארק ישראל סלם

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addressed the Israeli airstrike in Syria Monday.

“Our policy is clear: Anyone who tries to hurt us will be hurt in return,” the Prime Minister said in a statement. “Today, they tried to hit our planes — this is not acceptable.”

“The air force acted with precision and swiftness, destroying what needed to be destroyed. We will continue to act in the area as much as is necessary to defend Israel’s security.”

The Israeli Air Force destroyed a Syrian anti-aircraft battery after the battery opened fire on Israeli aircraft flying over southern Lebanon Monday afternoon.

The Syrian regime warned of “dangerous consequences” following the exchange of fire. Israel informed the Russian military of the air operation and engagement with the missile battery before IAF planes opened fire. Russia has not yet commented on the incident.

No Israeli casualties were reported, and no damage was incurred by IAF aircraft.

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