'Tell it to Israel, Chuck!'

President Trump calls out Senator Charles Schumer for flip-flopping on Iran deal.

Tzvi Lev,

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump called out New York Senator Charles Schumer for what he said was his about-face on the Iran deal.

"Dem Senator Schumer hated the Iran deal made by President Obama, but now that I am involved, he is OK with it. Tell that to Israel, Chuck!" tweeted Trump on Monday.

Schumer was one of four Democratic Senators who voted against the Iran nuclear deal in 2015, explaining his decision by saying that "Iran will not change, and under this agreement, it will be able to achieve its dual goals of eliminating sanctions while ultimately retaining its nuclear and non-nuclear power.”

However, Schumer came out against Trump after he decertified the Iran nuclear deal, telling reporters Sunday that "I voted against it but now we ought to see, give it time to work".

On Friday, Trump said he would not recertify the nuclear deal and warned he would terminate the deal unless Congress introduced tough new sanctions against Iran's missile and nuclear programs.

Trump also said the U.S. would level new sanctions on Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), and vowed to block the Islamic Republic's financing of terrorism around the globe.

Iran is not the only issue on which Schumer and Trump have locked horns. Schumer slammed Trump for saying that he wanted to "give peace a shot before I even think about moving the embassy to Jerusalem" and urged the President to move the embassy to Israel's capital.

"President Trump’s recent comments suggest his indecisiveness on the embassy’s relocation," Schumer told JTA. "Moving the embassy as soon as possible would appropriately commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of Jerusalem’s reunification and show the world that the U.S. definitively acknowledges Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.”

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