Leading rabbi: Don't neglect the value of Torah

Rabbi Yehoshua Shapira calls for next stage in religious Zionist development. 'Now the question is - who are we, really?'

Together with 'Echad L'echad', | updated: 23:03

Rabbi Yehoshua Shapira
Rabbi Yehoshua Shapira
Yoni Kempinski

Within the context of Arutz Sheva and Echad L'echad’s special campaign to support distinguished Torah scholars in yeshivot, Arutz Sheva spoke with leading religious Zionist rabbi Rabbi Yehoshua Shapira about the value of Torah learning within the religious Zionist sector.

"The ideals of religious Zionism through which we have been privileged to build the land [...] are the branches," Rabbi Shapira explained, adding, "The root, the core and the oven that warms the whole house is the depth of the Torah that flows through us."

Rabbi Shapira emphasized the importance of the special project.

"This is a public issue that the entire public needs to enlist in, the entire public must feel its connection to it, and the entire public must feel that it draws strength from there.”

“We were partners in the establishment of the state [...], and continued afterward to develop the land where others grew weak, and the building of the land, especially in Judea and Samaria, demanded of us strong idealism,” he continued.

“Now the question is - who are we, really? We have done all we can for the Land of Israel and we will continue to do all that is demanded of us within that context, but who are we? The truth is, that we cleave to the G-dly Torah and draw our life-force from there.”

Rabbi Shapira thus issued a rallying call to support the current campaign in support of Torah scholars.

“The most important thing one can do with his money [...] is to support Torah learners, to uphold the Torah within himself and within the community and imbue new life into this nation. This is the main thing,” he said.

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