Anti-Semitic graffiti scrawled in Leeds

Swastikas and 'kikes' scrawled outside Eitz Chaim Synogague in Leeds.

Tzvi Lev,

Swastikas (illustration)
Swastikas (illustration)
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Police are investigating after anti-semitic graffiti was found scrawled in Leeds, England.

Vandals scrawled a Swastika and wrote "kikes" outside the Eitz Chaim Synagogue. West Yorkshire Police put out a statement saying that “At 8:41 am today, police received a report of anti-Semitic graffiti at the Etz Chaim Synagogue, in Harrogate Road, Leeds."

“Officers attended the scene and a hate crime has been recorded and is under investigation."

“Officers from the Inner North East Neighbourhood Policing Team are aware of the incident and are increasing their patrols of the area to reassure the community and are liaising with key representatives.”

Local Jewish officials spoke out against the incident, and said they were cooperating with police to prevent it from reoccurring. "The incident at Etz Chaim is obviously very upsetting but thankfully not a common occurrence, but we understand the synagogue and police are working together to avoid it happening again” Leeds Jewish Representative Susie Gordon told The Jewish Chronicle.

In June, the England's Community Security Trust reported that anti-Semitic incidents in England rose by more than a third to record levels in 2016. The Community Security Trust, which tracks instances of anti-Jewish activity, said that there were 1,309 anti-Jewish incidences recorded in 2016, up from the 960 in 2015.