Israel receives first rains during Sukkot holiday

Israel's north, center, and northern Negev receive rain on Monday, temperatures for the week remain below seasonal average.

Chana Roberts ,

Rain in Jerusalem
Rain in Jerusalem
Flash 90

Israel's first rains fell during the week-long holiday of Sukkot, providing hope for the Kinneret's (Sea of Galilee) recovery.

In September, Water Authority spokesman Uri Shore said that the Kinneret hit a record low in August, and "if God forbid the coming winter is similar to the previous four, then our water sources are going to be in huge trouble."

Monday morning will see rain showers in Israel's north and center, Israel Meteorological Service reported. There may be isolated thunderstorms, and the northern Negev may experience light rains.

Temperatures will drop significantly, becoming lower than seasonal average. The rain will lighten towards afternoon.

Monday night will be partly cloudy or cloudy, with local rainfall.

Tuesday will be partly cloudy, with temperatures lower than seasonal average.

Wednesday's weather will be partly cloudy or clear, with a slight rise in temperatures.

Thursday will be partly cloudy or clear, with temperatures slightly lower than seasonal average.