PA: 'Palestinian heritage' is stronger than 'occupation'

PA bureau in charge of public diplomacy blasts Israeli attempts to "erase Palestinian heritage".

Dalit Halevi,

Arab rioters
Arab rioters
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In honor of “Palestinian Heritage Day”, the Palestinian Authority (PA) bureau in charge of public diplomacy issued a statement in which it attacks Israeli attempts to “erase Palestinian heritage” and establish an Israeli heritage instead.

The PA stressed in the statement that the Palestinian heritage in all its components would continue to reject "Israelization" and "the terrorism of the occupation" which has "forged, falsified and sabotaged everything Palestinian."

"Palestine, the people, the land, the history, and the national right are the first line of defense for our heritage," the bureau said the statement, calling on UNESCO to protect Palestinian heritage and culture and to prosecute the "occupation" for "its ongoing crimes against land and man.”