Left-wing activist publicizes right-wing activist's home address

Left-wing activist Dror Etkes publicizes Avichai Shorashan's home address in Arabic, likely endangering his life. 'Red lines were crossed.'

Tzvi Lev,

Avichai Shorashan
Avichai Shorashan
Miriam Tzachi

An online argument between political rivals took a dangerous turn when a left-wing extremist publicized in Arabic the address and satellite photographs of a right-wing activist's home.

Avichai Shorashan, the founder of “Ha’emet Sheli” (“My Truth”), which works to counter the anti-IDF organization Breaking the Silence, had gotten into an argument on Facebook with radical left-wing activist Dror Etkes, who runs the Kerem Navot NGO, an organization which opposes the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. After the argument, Etkes uploaded his Facebook post written in Arabic which showed Shorashan's house and included personal details.

Etkes wrote that "we rarely respond to internet provocateurs, but this time we must deviate from our custom and dedicate a whole post to this provocateur".

Shorashan reacted with shock to Etkes' actions. "In all my years of public activity, I was always cautious not to cross the line. I always knew how to separate between one’s political opinion and his/her personal life. Today, a dangerous red line has been crossed. Something that might endanger my wife and children;" wrote Shorashan.

"After a political debate on Facebook, the extreme left-wing activist Dror Etkes decided to publish a clear aerial photo of my house, where I live with my wife and two small children. The post was written also in Arabic. He also attached a clear close-up picture of the entrance to my private home. Minutes after, I started to receive messages and phone calls from anonymous people. These were not exactly good people. This is not the Social Media world anymore – now it’s a real and clear danger to me and my family," Shorashan continued.

"There is a limit to any debate, and Etkes crossed [it] while violating my family's and my own privacy. All this happened because he cannot deal with a political debate. He misused the NGO that he works for, and the funds he receives from European governments, only to hunt down someone that thinks different than him."

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