'I wanted to show the terrorist how strong the Jews are'

After miraculous recovery, victim of terror stabbing confronts his would-be murderer: 'I wanted to show him that he had failed.'

David Rosenberg, | updated: 19:40

Niv Nehemia in hospital
Niv Nehemia in hospital
Hospital spokesperson

Nearly two months ago, 42-year-old Niv Nehemia was fighting for his life after an Arab terrorist stabbed him repeatedly at the Yavneh supermarket where he worked as deputy manager.

After making a remarkable recovery, Nehemia confronted his would-be murderer Thursday in court, an appearance Nehemia said was important to show the terrorist that neither he nor the Jewish people would be cowed by acts of terror.

At the court hearing in the central Israeli town of Lod, Nehemia stared down his attacker, who looked away to avoid looking into his victim’s eyes.

“I came here to show him that we’re strong,” Nehemia told Channel 10.

“It was important for me to show him that I’m still standing, and that he failed to do what had planned, and to show him how strong the Jewish people are.”

“I was ready to fight him again,” continued Nehemia, “but this time he shouldn’t act like a coward and sneak up on me from behind; [this time] it’ll be face to face. I could really show him that the Jewish people is stronger than he thinks.”

During the August 2nd attack, the 19-year-old Arab terrorist entered the Shufersal supermarket where Nehemia worked while carrying a concealed knife on his person. After he spotted Nehemia opening up a recently received shipment of goods, the terrorist approached him from behind and stabbed him repeatedly across the upper body.

Three and a half weeks after he was evacuated to Kaplan Hospital, Nehemia was released.

“Together with him, we were able to overcome the difficulties and make amazing progress," said Dr. Guy Lin, who manages the Kaplan emergency care unit. "He has a long road ahead of him, but in the end, he will make a complete recovery.”