More than a quarter of Britons hold anti-Semitic views

More than a quarter of British people hold at least one anti-Semitic view, new study of attitudes to Jewish people finds.

Ben Ariel,

Flag of Britain
Flag of Britain

More than a quarter of British people hold at least one anti-Semitic view, according to a study of attitudes to Jewish people released on Wednesday and cited by the BBC.

The Institute for Jewish Policy Research said the finding came from the largest and most detailed survey of attitudes towards Jews and Israel ever conducted in Britain, though it stressed the study did not mean that British people were anti-Semitic.

Researchers also found a correlation in anti-Jewish and anti-Israel attitudes.

The study found a relatively small number of British adults - 2.4% - expressed multiple anti-Semitic attitudes "readily and confidently".

However, when questioned about whether they agreed with a number of statements, including "Jews think they are better than other people", and "Jews exploit holocaust victimhood for their own purposes", 30% agreed with at least one statement, according to the BBC.

Despite this, the researchers said they found that levels of anti-Semitism in Great Britain were among the lowest in the world.

The report said about 70% of the population of Britain had a favorable opinion of Jews and did not hold any anti-Semitic ideas or views.

Figures released in July found that there were 767 anti-Semitic attacks in the first half of 2017, the highest figure recorded within six months since monitoring began in 1984.

The total number of incidents recorded from January 1 to July 1 by the Community Security Trust (CST), British Jewry’s watchdog on anti-Semitism, constituted an increase of 30 percent from the 589 incidents from the same time period of 2016.

Responding to the findings released on Wednesday, a CST spokesman quoted by the BBC said, "We believe the new findings, data and nuance in this study will help us to work even more effectively with partners inside and outside the Jewish community to tackle this problem."

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