AT&T Israel honors Israeli programmer

AT&T Israel holds celebration, honors Israeli area manager.

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Holding the certificate of honor
Holding the certificate of honor
Tomer Foltyn

AT&T Israel honored AT&T Israel R&D Area Manager David Benamu, Area Manager at a large ten-year celebration for AT&T's Israeli employees and their families.

During the event, held in Kibbutz Sdot Yam, Benamu received a certificate of appreciation, together with a gift.

Benamu manages a team of 80 staff members based in Israel and in the US.

During the event, guests enjoyed a special show by a rock band called "AT&T10." The band consisted of the company's top executive management, including AT&T Israel CEO Nir Shalom, AT&T Israel CTO Haim Karniely, Israeli AT&T Foundry Manager Gadi Porat, and AT&T Israel HR Manager Ella Shelef- Aharoni.

Other musicians included development and quality assurance managers from different divisions within the company.

To keep up the rock beat, some of the best artists, including Berry Saharof, Rami Fortis and Ha’Dag Nachash came to play.

AT&T's global top executives congratulated AT&T Israel with a special video, wishing them more decades of success and innovation. Global AT&T Communications CEO John Donovan congratulated them the company's Israeli branch.

"Happy Anniversary AT&T Israel," Donovan said. "It’s been a wonderful journey for myself personally."

"The world's largest communications company, AT&T, chose us a decade ago because we have a unique DNA, and a unique Israeli tone - tone of technological innovation, uncompromising professionalism, contribution and involvement in the local community," Shalom said.

"After a decade of great activity, we can say that we are a vital part of global AT&T core business. At the same time, we are significant to the local business ecosystem and the Israeli community.

"There isn’t a greater privilege, other than to lead you forward, into the future decades of innovation and excellence. You are the best!"

David Benamu was born in Lyon, France, to a religious Jewish family, yet he attended public schools and completed his bachelor's and master's degree in computer science at the University of Lyon. Twelve years ago, he immigrated to Israel with his family. In 2007, AT&T acquired the company Benamu worked with.

The AT&T ten-year event
Tomer Foltyn

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