Israeli company wins contract in Asia

Elbit Systems receives $11 million contract providing integrated maritime system to Asia-Pacific navy.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Warship (illustrative)
Warship (illustrative)

Elbit Systems Ltd. announced on Monday that it was awarded an approximately $11 million contract for the supply of an integrated maritime C4ISR system to an Asia-Pacific navy.

The contract, to be performed over a two-year period, will include interconnected coastal sensor towers, naval command centers and maritime C4I capabilities, as well as ongoing maintenance.

It will support commanders and other users (headquarters, command centers, coastal observation posts and vessels) throughout routine and special operations and will also be used for training and simulation.

Elbit Systems Land & C4I General Manager Yehuda Vered said, "As a leading C4ISR company, we were able to provide the customer with a complete situational awareness and networked real-time solution, integrating radar, electro-optic systems, radio and communications systems."

"We are witness to a growing demand from coastal agencies and navies that are required to secure ports, dams, harbors and waterways while encountering terrorism, illegal immigration, enemy operations and a high volume of vessels and passengers traveling at sea."

In May 2016, Elbit won a $7.5 million contract to perform modifications on an aircraft belonging to the US Naval Test Pilot's School.