Watch: Observant Jew humiliated at leftist rally

Elderly observant Jew passes by anti-Netanyahu rally held at Attorney General's house, is humiliated and heckled by protesters.

Tzvi Lev,

ההפגנות מול בית היועמ"ש בפתח תקווה
ההפגנות מול בית היועמ"ש בפתח תקווה
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An elderly religious Jew was heckled and humiliated by left-wing activists at Petah Tikva's anti-Netanyahu protest Saturday night, in a shocking video released by activist Tzvi Succot.

The religious Jew chanced upon the weekly anti-Netanyahu rally held at Attorney General Mandeblit's house, and was immediately heckled by demonstrators. "Take off your kipa," one taunted. "Shave your beard off your face."

After the religious Jew asks why the rally starts on Shabbat, barring observant Jews from attending, the demonstrator lashes into him. "Netanyahu is garbage, and you support him."

The religious Jew objected, shaking his head and responding "Evil slander, Demagoguery."

The camerawoman tried to get the left-wing activist to stop. "It is not nice," she admonished him. "Enough."

Hundreds of people had arrived once again on Saturday night to demonstrate outside the home of Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit in Petah Tikva. The demonstrators demanded that the AG indict Prime MInister Netanyahu and his wife for issues currently under police investigation, attempting to pressure him to help them unseat Netanyahu. One of the signs held up at the demonstrations read "guilty until proven innocent."

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