Watch: IDF destroys house of terrorist who murdered Hadas Malka

The Border Police sergeant was murdered at the Damascus Gate in June.

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Tzvi Lev,

Hadas Malka
Hadas Malka
Border Police


IDF forces, in conjunction with Border Police and the Civil Administration, demolished the house of Adael Hassan Ahmad Ankosh, one of the terrorists who committed the combination shooting and stabbing attack at the Damascus Gate in which Border Policewoman Hadas Malka, aged 23, was murdered.

The house was sealed last week, along with the homes of the other two terrorists in the same terror cell.

Border Police Master Sergeant Hadas Malka was murdered in a combined shooting-stabbing terror attack at Jerusalem's Damascus Gate in June.Three terrorists armed with knives and rifles had attacked two different locations in Jerusalem, killing Hadas and injuring four others.

The IDF has been stepping up the pace at which it destroys terrorists' homes, believing that the deterrent value is heightened if their homes are demolished soon after the attack.

On Tuesday, IDF troops entered the Palestinian Arab village of Kobar, near Ramallah, and destroyed the house of the terrorist who carried out the attack in Halamish on July 21, in which three members of the Salomon family were murdered at their Sabbath table.