'Niv is a hero'
Netanyahu visits miraculously saved Yavneh stabbing victim

PM visits Niv Nehemiah, seriously injured by stabbing in Yavneh. 'He charged with bare hands against terrorist who is full of hatred."

Mordechai Sones ,

Netanyahu visits Niv Nechemia
Netanyahu visits Niv Nechemia
צילום: Kobi Gideon, GPO

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu today (Tuesday) visited Niv Nehemiah, who was seriously injured by stabbing in Yavneh. The Prime Minister met with the medical team in Kaplan Hospital that saved his life.

Niv's mother and father, Hadassah and Mordechai Nehemiah, wanted to thank the Creator and the doctors for saving their son's life.

Netanyahu said at the hospital: "Niv is a hero, he just rushed with bare hands at a hateful terrorist, stopped him and prevented a great disaster."

Nehemiah, 43, from Kiryat Ekron, returned to full consciousness on Sunday. In the video of the attack, it appears that the terrorist emerged from behind the shelves of a Supersol supermarket and stabbed Niv with a knife. The terrorist passed Nehemiah first, then went back to Nehemiah with his back to him, and stabbed him.

The terrorist, Assamil Abu Aram, 19, a resident of Yatta, near Hebron, was arrested after citizens captured him. The suspect was transferred to Shin Bet interrogation, and his home in the village was raided by IDF forces from the Yehuda District Brigade.