Court approves revoking terrorist's citizenship

Terrorist who rammed, stabbed 4 people at bus stop to lose citizenship.

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Site of Gan Shmuel terror attack
Site of Gan Shmuel terror attack

Tel Aviv District Court Judge Avraham Elyakim accepted Sunday Interior Minister Aryeh Deri's request to revoke the citizenship of convicted terrorist Alaa Ziyud.

Four people were wounded, including a 14-year-old girl, when Ziyud rammed his car into a group of bystanders and proceeded to stab his victims in the town of Gan Shmuel near Hadera in October 2015.

Ziyad, a resident of the Israeli Arab village of Umm El Fahm, received Israeli citizenship due to his mother's status as a citizen, despite his father being a resident of the PA.

The terrorist was convicted of four counts of attempted murder, and sentenced to twenty-five years in prison.

"Revoking Ziyad's citizenship is a proper and proportionate measure," Justice Elyakim wrote in his decision. "In addition to one's rights, every citizens has obligations, one of which is a significant and important obligation—allegiance to the state—also expressed in the obligation not to carry out terror activities in order to harm the state's residents and its security."

"Israeli citizens cannot be allowed to harm the lives and the dignity of other Israeli citizens. Whoever decides to carry out such acts of terrorism removes himself from among the citizenry. Ziyad took advantage of this freedom of movement to undermine the security of the state and the peace of its residents and sought to terrorize others and take human lives."

Justice Elyakim ruled that Ziyad will be stripped of his citizenship this October.

Umm El Fahm was also the home of the three terrorists who carried out the deadly terrorist attack at the Temple Mount which killed two Druze policemen last month.