'Don't stop praying - Niv's life is still in danger'

Doctors say condition of 42-year old victim of Yavneh stabbing improving, but his life is still in danger.

David Rosenberg,

Scene of stabbing attack in Yavneh
Scene of stabbing attack in Yavneh
United Hatzalah

The victim of Wednesday’s stabbing attack in Yavneh is showing signs of improvement, hospital officials say, though his life remains in danger.

Forty-two year old Niv Gil Nehemia was stabbed 15 times on Wednesday by an Arab terrorist from the Palestinian Authority-controlled city of Yatta in the supermarket in which Nehemia worked.

The terrorist, a 19-year old PA man illegally residing in Israel, was captured by police shortly after the attack.

On Friday, hospital officials reported that Nehemia’s condition had stabilized and was improving, though his life was still in danger.

Nehemia was evacuated to Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot after the attack in very serious condition.

“The stabbing victim’s condition is stable and continues to improve,” a Kaplan official reported Friday, “but his life is still in danger, and he is being treated in the general intensive care unit.”

“We ask that [the public] continue to pray for his quick recovery,” Nehemia’s family told Arutz Sheva. “We want to thank the hospital administrator, Dr. Carlos, and the whole medical staff who has been working day and night with dedication, professionalism, and warmth. We hope for [Nehemia’s] quick and complete recovery.”