Watch: Police tase Jew during violent arrest

After scuffle with Arabs, police violently arrest three Jews leaving Temple Mount, using tasers during arrest.

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Ido Ben Porat,

Police arrest Jews leaving Temple Mount
Police arrest Jews leaving Temple Mount


Police arrested three Jews shortly after they left the Temple Mount in Jerusalem on Tuesday, after the three had allegedly clashed with a group of Arabs who they claim attacked them near the exit of the holy site.

During the arrest, officers used stun-guns to neutralize one of the three Jews being taken into custody.

As footage of the incident shows, after the three had already been pulled to the ground, an arresting officer used a stun-gun to neutralize one of the arrestees.

The Honenu legal-help organization has provided an attorney to assist the arrestees during police questioning.

A Honenu spokesperson, condemned the behavior of the officers involved in the incident, and demanded the officer who used his stun-gun be removed from active duty.

“On Tisha B’Av, the day that Israel mourns the destruction [of the Temple], Jewish rights are being abused in the streets of Jerusalem. An officer tased an arrestee who was lying on the ground for absolutely no reason. We demand the officer be removed immediately, and we intend to use every possible means [to see the officer removed].”