US headlines whitewash Halamish attack

Headlines compare Salomon family murders to deaths of violent Arab rioters in clashes with Israeli forces.

Tal Polon, | updated: 12:15

Issam Rimawi/Flash 90

US news outlets appeared to whitewash the horrific terror attack in the Samaria community of Neve Tzuf (Halamish) on Friday night.

In that attack, Yosef Salomon, 71, and his two children Haya, 46, and Elad, 36, were stabbed to death by a 19-year-old Arab terrorist after the evening Shabbat (Sabbath) meal as they were preparing a traditional "Shalom Zachor" celebration for the birth of a new grandson.

Headlines at major US outlets appeared to lump the attack together with Arab riots in eastern Jerusalem allegedly over Israel’s placement of metal detectors on the Temple Mount. On Friday, PA media had reported the deaths of at least 3 Arab rioters in clashes with Israeli security forces. The rioters threw rocks, Molotov cocktails, and other objects at the Israeli forces, who responded using crowd-dispersal equipment.

In the meantime, a CBS headline on the events read: “3 Palestinians, 3 Israelis killed in violence over Jerusalem shrine.” Fox News reported: “3 Palestinians, 3 Israelis killed in violence over holy site.”

An NBC headline said: “Al Aqsa Mosque Clashes: 6 killed as Jerusalem Shrine Tensions Worsen.” And the New York Times: "Deadly Violence Erupts in Standoff Over Mosque in Jerusalem."