Spain without Jews? That's how it happened

For over 500 years, Crypto-Jews have been secretly keeping some Jewish traditions.

Judy Simon,

Torah scroll with yad (archive)
Torah scroll with yad (archive)
Rachael Cerrotti - Flash 90

In the year 1492, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella decreed that all Jews must convert, leave or die.
Many Jews converted, but secretly maintained Jewish traditions.

Called "Marranos" (pigs) by their Christian counterparts and "Crypto-Jews" or "Anusim" by other Jews,
they passed down Jewish traditions, kept secretly over the past 500 years.

Plus: Professor Yom Tov Assis tells what these Crypto-Jews have been doing since the Expulsion.

And: Calev Lustoza, a descendant of Anusim, tells his own personal story.


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