"Feminist MK's rage was fabricated"

Mirit Entabi charged that feminist MK's planned from the start to break up Knesset debate on lowering the age in Tender Years Clause.

Tzvi Lev,

Overnight debate
Overnight debate
Knesset Spokesperson's Office

A lawyer forcibly ejected from Wednesday's stormy Knesset debate on lowering the Tender Years Clause contends that she heard feminist MK's planning to break up the debate before it even commenced.

"I have no doubt that the MK's planned on breaking up the debate" said Mirit Entabi, an attorney who heads 'Amit', an NGO that assists divorced families. "Their rage was fabricated."

Entabi testified to overhearing female Knesset members planning on how to break up the hearing before it even took place.

Wednesday's debate was on changing the Tender Years Law, which states that children under the age of six automatically remain with their mother in the event of divorce. A proposed amendment of the law would bring the age down to two.

The debate quickly deteriorated into a screaming match, with Education and Culture Committee Chairman Yaakov Margi (Shas) ejecting everyone who who was not a Knesset member from the plenum, a move which Entabi criticized.

"90% of those who spoke opposed the amendment" charged Entabi. "Anyone who supported it was not given the right to speak"

Entabi said that her only goal was what is best for the children. "I will not stop trying, despite the attempts by radical feminist organizations to silence me," she vowed. "I am working, and will keep on working to further equality in parenting."