Elor Azariya asks to be released from the IDF, open arrest

Soldier appealing manslaughter conviction asks to be released from arrest since his period of IDF service ends next week.

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Elor Azariya in court
Elor Azariya in court

The military court will discuss the continuation of the detention conditions of Elor Azariya this coming Monday, in light of the fact that his period military service is scheduled to conclude next Wednesday.

The hearing, which will be held in front of the vice president of the military court, will determine the future detention conditions of Azariya, who has been held in 'open arrest' on the military base in Nachshonim in central Israel since the incident in Hevron, where he shot a wounded terrorist who had stabbed another soldier.

Azariya asked to be released from the IDF and from the open arrest in accordance with the end of his military service.

Since there is a court ruling that Azariya will not be sent to prison until a ruling is issued on his appeal, the court has two options, to release him until the verdict without any restrictions, or to release him under restrictive conditions, such as house arrest.

Attorney Yoram Sheftel, who is representing Azariya during his appeal, told Channel 20: "I intend to ask the court to order at most a house arrest from midnight to six in the morning, if [it orders] anything."