IDF Presents: The driverless Hummer

New driverless vehicles to provide supplies to troops in the field.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Driverless hummer
Driverless hummer
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The IDF is preparing a new technological advancement which will become operational in the coming years - driverless hummers.

The vehicles currently perform autonomous trips under the guidance of remote operators. The intention is to expand this system to all types of military vehicles, including trucks.

Among other things, the innovative vehicle is expected to deliver supplies of ammunition, fuel and medical equipment, as well as food and water to forces in the field.

The automated systems in the hummers are more advanced than the automated systems in the IDF's previous driverless vehicles, such as the autonomous armored vehicles which were used in Gaza.

The IDF also introduced new uniforms, which are supposed to be in use this coming November, which are made of a combination of fabrics, cotton and polyester.

These uniforms, without front pockets on the top, are lightweight, repel sweat, are flame retardant, and are more resistant to harsh terrain than previous uniforms. The uniforms will be used only by combat soldiers. A civilian body will be tasked with sewing and washing the new uniforms, as they cannot be washed at home.