The basement of horrors in Jerusalem

Allegations of sexual assault, abuse, and incest as uncle, nephew arrested for subjecting teen to years of torment in family basement.

David Rosenberg ,


Jerusalem police arrested two residents of the capital Monday night, on suspicion they sexually assaulted an underage female relative over the course of several years.

The two suspects, both in their 20s, are the uncle and brother of the alleged victim, say police, who filed a complaint against the suspects on Sunday.

According to the complainant, the two men sexually abused her for years, committing a number of different vile and indecent acts on her.

The girl, 15, told investigators the assaults usually took place in the basement shelter of her family’s apartment building.

After suffering years of abuse, the teen said she could no longer bear to go on, and with the aid of her school guidance counsellor, turned to the police with a plea for help.

“The girl could no longer bear these acts and decided to turn to the guidance counsellor at the school she attends, who then immediately accompanied her to a police station to register a complaint,” a police spokesperson said.

“The girl spoke with a female investigator from the police youth [division], exhibiting courage but also a great deal of pain as she shared with her the terrible sexual assaults she had suffered for years from people close to her.”

After opening an investigation into the two suspects and gathering evidence for an arrest, police took the girl’s brother and uncle into custody.

The suspects linked themselves to the crimes during interrogation, police say. The two will be brought before a Jerusalem court later on Tuesday for an extension of their arrests.