PA accuses Israel of using drugs against Arab youths

Top PA anti-drug official says on television that Israel using drugs as an "unconventional weapon" in "war" against Arabs in Jerusalem/

Gary Willig ,

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Drugs cocaine

A Palestinian Authority TV host accused Israel on live television of deliberately targeting Arab youths with drugs as part of an ongoing "war" against the Palestinian Arabs, Palestinian Media Watch reported.

"Jerusalem is probably the Palestinian district that suffers the most from drugs, [because] the occupation mainly targets young age groups in Jerusalem..." the host said.

Isaam Jweihan the PA coordinator of a UNDP-sponsored campaign against drugs, endorsed the accusation and stated in response that Israel uses drugs as "an unconventional weapon" to "empty Jerusalem of Arabs:"

"A war is being waged [by Israel] against Jerusalem, Jweihan added. "The goal of the war is clear - to Judaize the city."