Most Muslim 'refugees' to Europe are seeking employment

German government reports 6.5 million Muslims are about to flood Europe - and only a small portion are actually refugees.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Immigrants in Hungary
Immigrants in Hungary

A confidential report from the German government shows that Europe is about to face a wave of over 6.5 million Muslim immigrants, most of whom are considered refugees.

The report was leaked by the Germany's Bild newspaper, and showed that most of the expected immigrants are from the Middle East.

According to the report, the immigrants are waiting for weather which will allow them to cross into Europe via the sea - a popular tactic among Muslims, which helps to avoid issues at the border.

Though some of the immigrants are refugees fleeing the wars in Syria and Iraq, a considerable number are immigrating for financial reasons, from countries which are at peace.

The report also says one million people are waiting in Egypt, and another million are waiting in Libya. The rest of the immigrants will be from Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, and Jordan - with Jordan contributing 700,000 immigrants to the final count.

In February, a poll showed that most Europeans support banning Muslim immigration to their countries.