Near tragedy in Samaria after child falls into recycling bin

7-year old Samaria boy trapped in neighborhood recycling bin rescued when passerby hears his cries for help.

Shimon Cohen,

Recycling bin
Recycling bin

A 7-year old boy from a town in Samaria was rescued from a recycling bin in his home town this weekend, averting a possible tragedy after he fell in to the large closed metal container.

The incident occurred Saturday morning when the boy peeked inside the recycling bin to look for cardboard boxes to play with. But when he climbed up to look in, the child fell inside the bin and was unable to get out.

For hours, the boy remained trapped in the recycling bin – a potentially dangerous situation as temperatures inside the closed metal bin increased, with the child having no access to water and at risk of dehydration.

Just after 10:30 a.m., however, a passerby heard the boy’s calls for help. With some effort, the passerby, Meir [who prefers to remain anonymous], was able to extract the boy from the recycling bin.

Luckily for the boy, on Shabbat there is no noise from traffic in the town, and Meir was able to hear his pounding on the sides of the bin and his cries for help. “Because of the overall quiet of Shabbat I heard the knocking and unusual noises from the bin.” Had this occurred on a weekday, Meir said, the boy might not have been so lucky.

After being pulled from the recycling bin the child did not require any medical attention, but was visibly shaken. HIs parents were shocked to discoverthat he had been able to slide inside the bin.

“I showed them the opening into which he slid,” said Meir. “They were surprised, and couldn’t understand how he managed to fit in there.”