Tel Aviv shows solidarity with Egypt

Building of Tel Aviv municipality lit with colors of the Egyptian flag following attack against Coptic Christians.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Tel Aviv city hall lit with colors of Egyptian flag
Tel Aviv city hall lit with colors of Egyptian flag

The building of the Tel Aviv municipality was lit on Saturday night with the colors of the Egyptian flag, in a show of solidarity following Friday's shooting attack which left 29 people dead near Cairo.

The building has in the past been illuminated with the flags of other countries following previous terrorist attacks, and earlier this week was lit with the colors of the British flag following the attack in Manchester. Saturday's gesture, however, was the first time that the building was illuminated with the colors of an Arab country's flag.

Egypt became the first Arab country to sign a peace treaty with Israel in 1979. Jordan followed, signing a peace treaty with Israel in 1994.

Friday's attack, which targeted Coptic Christians, took place as a bus was travelling to the Monastery of St. Samuel the Confessor, located 135 km (85 miles) south of Cairo.

No group immediately said it was behind the attack, but the Islamic State (ISIS) has targeted Copts several times in recent months, and vowed to do so again.

Israel strongly condemned Friday's attack in a statement from Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s office.

“There is no difference between the terror of the attack in Egypt and that of attacks in other countries. Terror will be defeated more quickly if all countries work together against it,” said the statement.