Man carrying bags of drugs on bike arrested

Bnei Brak bike rider stopped, searched, and arrested for drug possession.

Haim Lev,


Israel Police in Bnei Brak arrested on Tuesday a 24-year-old man suspected of owning and selling drugs for commercial use in Bnei Brak.

The suspect was riding on his bicycle on Tuesday afternoon, carrying with him 117 pills and dozens of bags containing suspicious material.

He aroused the attention of municipal patrolmen, who ordered him to stop. An initial search revealed the suspicious materials, and the suspect was brought to the local police station.

During the interrogation, the suspect claimed he had found the drugs by accident and intended to turn them over to the police.

Tel Aviv's Magistrates Court will extend his arrest on Wednesday.

"Israel Police will continue to fight an uncompromising battle against drug dealers. The police will work determinedly to bring all drug dealers to justice," an Israel Police spokesperson said.