'There is a limit to the trampling of our national honor'

MK Smotrich calls on PM to insist that Israeli officials accompany US President to Western Wall, vows to have MKs at site during visit.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Kobi Finkler

MK Bezalel Somotrich (Jewish Home) protested against the failure to to include Israeli officials in the upcoming visit of President Donald Trump to the Western Wall next week.

Arutz Sheva obtained a letter which Smotrich wrote to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu: "media reports indicate that the president of the United States plans to arrive at the Western Wall during his visit to Israel, while insisting that the visit to the sacred site will not be accompanied by an Israeli representative, apparently in order not to take a stand on the sovereignty of the State of Israel at the Western Wall."

"[This insult takes place] on the 50th anniversary of the unification of Jerusalem, just two days before the day the State of Israel marks Jerusalem Day - I urge you not to agree to it," Smotrich wrote to Netanyahu.

Smotrich added, "There is a limit to the trampling of our national honor that we can agree to. Jerusalem and the Western Wall and their unshakable connection to the Jewish people and its renewed state are a consensus of the majority of Israeli society - and this majority will undoubtedly give you their support in this process. It cannot be that our great friend undermines our right to the Western Wall, the last remnant of our Holy Temple. Especially with friends, there is room to set boundaries and to insist on our national principles and pride."

He asked Netanyahu to "make it clear to the president that the State of Israel will not allow the visit to the Western Wall without an official Israeli escort."

"I will call upon Knesset members to use their immunity and to stand at the Western Wall with the president's entourage in order to clarify to the world who the site belongs and to preserve the dignity of Jerusalem and the State of Israel," Smotrich added.

MK Smotrich also sent a letter to his fellow Knesset members, in which he presented the document he sent to the prime minister: "As Members of the Israeli Knesset, as public emissaries and representatives, we have a duty to preserve our national honor and prevent it from being trampled on. Who will if we do not? "

He added that "it is not a matter of left-right or religious-secularism." The Western Wall and the deep connection of the Jewish people to it are, in fact, far above these differences, and he calls on Knesset members to come during Trump's visit to the Western Wall, To demonstrate Israeli sovereignty instead.

In an additional letter,which Smotrich addressed the Knesset's legal adviser and the Attorney General, he demanded that Knesset members not be prevented from entering the Western Wall plaza while Trump was staying there, respecting the Immunity Law.

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