Stabbing may have been a terror attack

Attacker stabs man in his home, flees; police find 'kill the Jews' graffiti at the scene.

Uzi Baruch ,

Scene of the attack
Scene of the attack
Magen David Adom

A man in his 50s was stabbed on Wednesday morning in his home in the town of Elishama in central Israel.

The victim was found bleeding, with his tefillin (phylacteries) still on him.

Magen David Adom administered first aid and transferred the victim to Petah Tikva's Rabin Medical Center in serious condition.

According to reports, the victim fought with a man and was stabbed b a man who broke into his home.

Israel Police began investigating whether the incident was a terror attack after they found Arabic writing calling to kill Jews at the scene.

Sharon Region police said they are searching for the suspect and are continuing to investigate.

MDA paramedic Adar Gershuni said, "In the house we found a 50 year old man laying on the floor semiconscious, with stab wounds on his upper body."

"We administered lifesaving treatment, stopped the bleeding, and bandaged the wounds.

"An ambulance arrived at the scene quickly, and we took the victim to Rabin Medical Center while continuing to administer first aid to the unconscious victim. He arrived at he hospital in serious condition."