Hamas releases footage of 'collaborators' in Faqha killing

Hamas releases footage it claims shows the shooter involved in the killing of top Hamas official, interviews with alleged 'collaborators.'

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Hamas, file
Hamas, file
Abed Rahim Katib/Flash 90

Following its arrest of Gazans who it claimed “collaborated” with Israel in the killing of senior Hamas terrorist Mazen Faqha in March, Hamas TV published this morning a report claiming to show the killing caught on camera and interviews with the “collaborators.”

“After much effort, we successfully discovered and arrested those involved in the killing, who admitted that they are connected to Israeli intelligence,” Hamas officials announced.

In the report released by Hamas, footage claimed to be of the shooter is shown as he walks in the street minutes after the killing. Alleged “collaborators,” their faces blurred, are also shown in the report explaining the series of events leading to the killing.

“On the day of the killing, an Israeli intelligence officer told me to be prepared,” one of them says. “On March 24, he called me at 2:00 pm and asked me to call him back in 5 minutes. I did, and he told me to set out.” He added that, as he passed Faqha’s house, the officer called him and told him to shoot Faqha near his house. “When he arrived, I shot him 6 times - and fled.”

Hamas official Tufik Abu Naim said that the 3 claimed to be involved in the killing had also been involved in other killings of Hamas officials in the past, as well as in passing information leading to the bombing of buildings by Israel. He claimed that 45 collaborators with Israel have been arrested following the killing of Faqha, and called the arrests “a big blow to Israeli intelligence.”

He also called on other “collaborators” to turn themselves in and warned others against collaboration with Israel.