PA media blames Jerusalem attack on the victim

PA's official news agency claims the police officer wounded in Old City attack was racist and violent.

Dalit Halevi,

Police officers in eastern Jerusalem
Police officers in eastern Jerusalem
Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

The Palestinian Authority’s (PA) official news agency WAFA provided an alternative take on Saturday’s terrorist attack at the Lions Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem, in which a Jordanian terrorist stabbed and wounded a police officer before being shot and killed.

The report laid blame for the attack on the Israeli officer, portraying him as a racist and violent individual, while claiming the terrorist was an innocent man.

“A 57-year-old Jordanian citizen was killed on Saturday afternoon by Israeli occupation forces in one of the gates of Old Jerusalem, on the grounds that he stabbed an officer in the occupation police,” was the language used by WAFA in reporting the attack.

The PA’s health department said, according to the report, that it received an official update on the Jordanian citizen's death by “the fire of the occupation forces” at him in “the Old City of occupied Jerusalem.”

A WAFA reporter said that the “forces of the occupation” shut down access to two gates in the Old City while “army and police reinforcements arrived and attacked the residents prior to the arrest of a young man.”

The reporter said that eyewitnesses to the incident said that “one of the officers of the occupation police, who is known for his racist approach and his hatred of the guards of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and for his attacks against them, was wounded in the stabbing.”

"The occupation police noted that the citizen with Jordanian citizenship entered Jerusalem a week ago using a tourist visa for a visit," the report said.

The news agency did not present any evidence for the claims made by the "eyewitnesses" it cited. The PA to this point has not condemned the attack.

Jordan earlier on Saturday condemned Israel for killing the terrorist, Muhammed Kasaji.

Jordanian Minister of State Affairs Mohammed al-Momani said it was a "crime" to kill the terrorist, and that Jordan demanded Israel explain the act.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu later slammed Jordan's response.

"It is outrageous to hear the Jordanian government's speaker support the terror attack which occurred today in Jerusalem's Old City," a statement from Netanyahu's office said.

"The security video clearly shows a Jordanian tourist stabbing an Israeli policeman with a knife. It's time Jordan stopped playing both sides of the game. Just like Israel condemns terror attacks in Jordan, Jordan must condemn terror attacks in Israel. Terror is terror."