'Trump visit for Jerusalem Day is incredible'

US pro-Israel activist says President Donald Trump visiting Israel close to 50th anniversary of Jerusalem's reunification is momentous.

Eliran Baruch,

Dr. Joseph Frager
Dr. Joseph Frager
Yoni Kempinski

Arutz Sheva spoke with American pro-Israel activist Dr Joseph Frager about US President Donald Trump's upcoming visit to Israel.

"I think it is incredible that the President of the United States wants to come to Israel on [what is] probably one of the happiest days in Israel's existence, the 50th anniversary of Yerushalyim's (Jerusalem) reunification, liberation," Dr. Frager said.

"He (Trump) knows how important it is to the Jewish people," he added. "I think you have to give the president a lot of credit for wanting to be in Israel at this momentous and propitious occasion. It says a lot. And I guarantee you that our enemies are taking notice."

Dr. Frager said that Trump is more pro-Israel than previous administrations. "It's an incredible step forward, and compared to the last eight years, we're seeing a sea change in the presidency and in the administration."

However, he does not believe that Trump's efforts to restart the stagnant peace process will be successful. "Mahmoud Abbas to me is a terrorist and someone who you really cannot make a peace deal with. I give the president credit for trying. You got to try, but I don't think that it will succeed."

Dr. Frager said that he does not believe that Trump will apply undo pressure on Israel to save the peace negotiations as past administrations did. "I don't think he's going to push Israel to do a deal if Israel doesn't think it's going to be helpful or beneficial or bring peace. I don't think he's the type of president who will apply pressure the way President [Barack] Obama did."